Scott James  Meyer, PhD

Author. Speaker. University Professor. Criminal Lawyer. Comedian. High School Dropout. Ivy League Graduate. I rose from the sweat of the American dream.

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What is it all about?

BlueBloody: motivational memoirs of an ivy league high school dropout is now available on Amazon. This is post-political self-help medicine for a different generation. BlueBloody is a memoir of lessons, life hacks and practical philosophy from one of the only high school dropouts to ever graduate from Yale University. It is an achingly cool and energetically mordant self improvement and motivational strategy guide that surveys lessons learned as a successful stand up comedian, award winning criminal defense attorney, extensive world traveler, college professor and much more, all after dropping out of high school in South Florida. It is a very uncommon book, delivered with back-of-the-class wit and dripping in attitude. Here, the messenger is as loud as the message.”